but if you want to watch the episode then see this, here it is.

anyway i’m going to rant about the episode for a little bit, mind you, its just an opinion. 

 i really REALLY liked it, but they could have used more time, instead of one episode they should have taken two. it would have made the plot have more sense, and they seemed to rush the episode. they could have told us why celesta wanted twi to become a princess in the first place. also, being a big fan of discord, WHERE WAS HE?!?! celesta said she needed him… but what for?!?! (maybe season 4?) oh and does this mean that celesta and luna had to do the same thing? does that mean they had to learn the meaning of friendship two? if so, where is there friends? (if you thing about it, makes you have sad feels.) and now with twi completely knowing the friendship stuff, what will happen to her friends? will she have to leave them? to learn new princess/ alicorn stuff? 

it seemed to me that this episode gave me more questions than before. now all i have to wait is for season 4 :I that’s gonna take forever T.T

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